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Pet Electrical Hazards

Owning pets means that you need to take the usual considerations in terms of safety within the home, and rethink everything all over again.  For example, you may choose to store your substances in a different place if you have cats that like to get into cupboards, climb on the top of your wardrobes, or explore your outhouses and sheds.

You may need to move and elevate wires and cables if you have a rabbit or guinea pig that often mistakes your chargers and leads for tree roots and rope toys that they like to chew through.  Whether it is because you have a playful dog, a curious cat, or just an animal displaying natural behaviours, you will need to protect them from your electrics to keep them safe.

Electrical safety is of paramount concern, no matter whether you have pets or not.  However, when you have members of your family that don’t understand the dangers posed by devices, cables and outlets, this can make the risk higher.  To help you protect your pets from electrics and related hazards, here are some pet electrical hazards to be aware of and ideas to make your home electrics as animal proof as possible.

2 ideas of electrical Safety for pet owners

  • Make sure water is kept away from the electrics to keep your pet free from electrical hazards

Water bowls on floor level, or even placed in a cage high up is a risk if they are situated near a power outlet, or powered electrical machine.  For example, dogs tend to lap the water up from their tongues to their mouths and then slap their jaws shut as quickly as possible before any of the water spills.  They rarely ever manage it without flicking at least some of it in other directions.  Cat fountains are a very good way to ensure your cats get plenty to drink, but care must be taken when plugging it in and then placing it at a safe distance from the electrical source.  And when dogs come in from a wet walk do not let them shake where electric is accessible.

  • Keep cables tidy and if possible, completely out of the way.

Homes devices are becoming increasingly integrated into the home structure, tidied away within the walls and ceilings, and many devices are now cordless, only requiring plugging in to be charged up after use.  Cable ties can also help when it comes to preventing tripping over them, causing wires to be broken and pulled away from the plug, or the wall socket to come loose.  Having sockets installed higher up on the walls may help in protecting your pets that roam around on ground level.

Electrical Safety For Pet Owners

Pet Electronic Equipment Safety

Here at Wayne Smith Property Repairs we are capable of installing electrical systems such as those for a lighting, music or entertainment systems to provide you with the electrical safety for your pets that you need.

For example, if you would like an integrated music system, home cinema or lights that can be turned on using visual and audio technology, we can help.  This means cables are kept to a minimum.  You can come to us for building requirements to have the technology built into the specs of your home, or just mounted on the wall, to keep the wiring away from your pets.

When considering animal electronic equipment safety, we may also be in a position to suggest some technology and systems to you to make your home completely compatible for you and your animal’s needs.

So, to ensure your home is providing a safe haven and electrical safety for animals, no matter what pets you have, contact us today.