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Office Electrical Maintenance

Take a look around your workplace, what do you see? In almost every workspace in the country there will be electrical appliances, tools and equipment. The type might vary, depending on whether you work in a school, a workshop, an office or a bar, but the importance of this equipment does not vary. From the lights to the kettle, a power drill to an electric oven, having reliable and safe electrical systems is fundamental. However, it can be difficult to know when you need electrical maintenance work. After all, the majority of the system is hidden in walls, under the floor or in the ceiling, so what should you look for to know when a little TLC is needed for your workplace? Here are the top 5 signs you need workspace electrical maintenance.

1. You have not had an electrical inspection for a while.
The most obvious sign is that you haven’t had anything done in a while. Electrical safety at work is a priority, and most workplaces need an electrical inspection every five years, less in places which are higher risk. Also, portable appliances need regular testing. Take a look at the certificates and records – if it is due, get an inspection booked, and if you can’t find the paperwork, that is a good sign that you are due an inspection.

2. Your circuit breaker trips on a regular basis.
We all know the frustration of a tripped circuit breaker. Usually the lights go off, and someone has to find the board and put it on again. This can happen just from one-off surges, and it might not be a problem. But when it happens more regularly, it indicates that something is not right. It could be a faulty appliance, or a more significant wiring issue. Either way, act now to get it sorted because electrical safety in the office is important.

3. You have an older building.
Whilst old buildings can be great an have plenty of character, the electrics might not be in good condition. In older buildings, it is a good idea to get things checked out and repaired more regularly to avoid bigger problems.

4. There are signs of burning or warm electrical sockets.
If you notice brown or black marks around plug sockets, along the wall, this can be a sign of something not right. Similarly, whilst plugs for electrical devices can get warm, the socket itself should stay cold. If you spot a problem, don’t wait – get it sorted because electrical safety at work is important.

5. Flickering lights.
Flickering lights might be an annoyance, but they could also indicate a faulty wire or a shorted connection. Acting quickly to get it checked could save more expensive repair work in the near future.

Electrical Safety In The Office

It’s one thing realising that you need work doing but another knowing what you need to do to fix the problems in your office.  Electrical maintenance might well be beyond your experience. However, at Wayne Smith Property Repairs, we are on hand to provide the help and support that you need. As well as electrical work, we provide building and decorating solutions. To discuss your requirements, why not give us a call or ask for a free quotation?