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Electrical Maintenance Over Winter

With snowfall and storms already setting in this November, you may be wondering how to keep warm in winter. Sometimes the central heating simply isn’t enough, even when properties are well insulated. Today we are going to cover some winter tips to keep warm through the winter months to make sure your Christmas is as cosy as possible, as well as offering some guidance for how to use these items safely.

Portable Heaters 

A portable heater can help to top up the heat in any rooms that don’t contain the heat as well as others, whether to do with the placement of the thermostat in your home, or the proximity to a draughty door. Portable heaters are usually either halogen heaters, fan heaters, or oil-filled radiator. In terms of safety, knocking heaters over can be a potential fire risk, so make sure to place them on a level surface, at least a metre away from any combustible materials, including furniture and curtains. You should never leave a portable heater on overnight or when asleep, and always plug into the mains rather than an extension lead. 

Electric Blankets 

What can be great about electric blankets is that the heat generated can heat up the whole room, as well as focussing the heat in the area that you are using it in, at a relatively low cost. You should follow the direction of your blanket for safe use, whether designed as an over-blanket or under-blanket. Make sure the blanket is folded out completely when in use, and make sure to turn off when sleeping, or set on a timer to turn off during the night. You shouldn’t use a hot water bottle at the same time, and keep anything wet away from it, including wet hands or feet. 

Christmas Electrical Safety

Christmas Decorations 

Whilst Christmas lights don’t give off enough heat to keep you warm, they can foster a feeling of cosiness and trick your mind into feeling warmer. When using any kind of electric decorations, you should make sure you are doing so safely, including avoiding overloading plug sockets. As it’s likely that you only take your fairy lights out once a year, it’s important to make sure they are in good working use before putting them up. If possible, you should replace failed lamps immediately and only use replacement bulbs of the same type and rating as the originals. Lastly, keep lights away from flammable decorations and switch lights off and unplug them before you go to bed.

Electrical Safety 

When using electrical items to keep warm, it’s importance to make sure you carry out electrical maintenance for safety reasons. Here at Wayne Smith Property Repairs, we provide electrical safety and maintenance services over winter. 

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