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Here at Wayne Smith Property Repairs, we specialise in the renovation and maintenance of properties, including building and decorating, plumbing and electrics and the installation and design of bathrooms and kitchens. Based in the outskirts of Manchester City Centre, we can provide our services to customers in local and surrounding areas. Today, we are going to turn our attention to our provision of electrics work, focussing on electrical safety. We will be covering the safe handling of electrics, as well as the importance of repairing or replacing any faulty appliances and leads, and updating your fuse box.

How to Handle Your Electrics Safely

Although handling electrics in your home or business may seem simple, it can be all too easy to slip into bad habits, such as handling plug sockets with wet hands from the bathroom or kitchen tap. The first rule for electrical safety is to make sure that you follow the basics of safe handling of all electrics in your property. As we have alluded to, always dry your hands thoroughly before touching any switches or sockets, making sure to keep all electrical devices dry, especially those that use water such as kettles and irons. If you are worried about any electrics in your home, make sure to turn the power off as the first point of action. Turning off any appliances that aren’t in use at the main switch can also help to minimised electrical risks, as well as saving you on your energy bills. Lastly, never touch any bare wires; the next section will detail what to do If the casing of any wires becomes damaged.

Why You Should Replace Faulty Leads and Appliances

As we have mentioned, you should never handle bare wires, and whatever the size of the appliance, a faulty appliance or lead can lead to big fires. Small appliances including kettles, toasters and microwaves need replacing if the lead looks damaged as around 3000 fires a year are caused by faulty appliances or appliance leads. If you own a tumble dryer, this is considered a high-risk appliance, and it should never be left turned on and unattended.  At the first instance of any burning odour, you should switch it off immediately. Furthermore, if you have an electric fireplace in your home, always check that it is fully functioning with no items around it that could potentially catch fire.

Modernising Your Fuse Box

If your fuse box is too old, it may note offer the same protection as modern models, potentially increasing the risk of electrical issues that might lead to electrical safety risks. By modernising your fuse box, your updated fuse box will protect your home through its metal outer casing, and by providing cut-out protection for every fuse. If any risk should be detected, the power will be turned off automatically. These can also be helpful when considering homes with WiFi, phone charging, power showers, and charging for electric cars.

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